Submitting your Executive Board Roster to the State is required to be a Unit in Good Standing. California PTA provides an online system for all units, councils, and districts to submit this information to satisfy this requirement

PTA EZ provides several organizational resources for PTA, including the Office/Board Member Contact form

Your board roster information is updated each year right after your April Elections. You will update names, positions, and contract information right on your unit’s page. The following instructions will walk you through updating this information.

Before you begin, you will need the following:

  • Login and Password. Your current president will have this information from updating PTA EZ last year
  • A list of all Officers, Principal, Teacher and Student members, and Committee members (Names, positions, mailing and email addresses, and phone number(s)
  • 10 – 30 minutes of free time, depending on your experience with PTA EZ Office/Board Member Contact

  1. Go to and click the Login Button
  2. Login with the User Name and Password you were provided last year
  3. Click on the admin menu
  4. Click on Officer/Board Member Contact
  5. Make sure the current year is displayed in School Year. Pull down and change is needed
  6. Move officers from last year if they are staying in the same position)
    1. Change School Year to last year
    2. Select current officer
    3. Click Copy selected to: and click on the new year
    4. Make sure the new year appears where you clicked
    5. Click the round green arrow button next to the new year
    6. Verify the Copy Successful box appears. Click OK to dismiss it
    7. Repeat for other officers that are staying in the same position
  7. Add new officers or officers that are moving positions
    1. Click the Add button
    2. Select a position
    3. Click on Name. Review the drop-down to see if the person’s name is already in the system
      1. i) If the person is not in the system, type their name
    4. Only change the Title if your unit has a different title in the bylaws
    5. Click Change Contact Info and update as needed
      1. Update/Change name if needed, then click Next
      2. Update/Change Contact info, then click OK
    6. Back on the Add New Officer box, click Save
    7. Repeat step 8 as needed until the entire board in updated