It is the start of the school year, and the beginning of a new PTA Membership Drive!
This is a great to to re-connect with your former members, and connect with new families entering your school.

Check out Ca State PTA’s Membership Resources (Membership Marketing) and (Toolkit Membership Info)

Here are a few other ideas to help boost membership and participation in your PTA:

  • Send a Letter/Membership Envelops to families that graduated last year. Ask them to support your PTA One Last Time
  • Attend back-to-school event and new parent orientation. Tell them all the great things PTA does at the school (and have membership envelopes ready)
  • Ask Teachers and School Admin for testimonials for what PTA has done at the school. Ask them to speak at your association meeting
  • Make Wanted Posters (Wanted! Art Supplies for 2nd Grade) with a

Photo Caption: The Grandview Parent Teacher Association (PTA) met at the Willits H. Sawyer residence at 1499 Roxbury Road on Wednesday, May 15, 1918. The meeting consisted of a reception and business meeting, as well as a series of presentations on the lawn given by classes from the school, the Camp Fire Girls, and the Boy Scouts.