Hello, PTA Presidents and Historians!

The district deadline this year will be Monday, May 15th, but will gladly accept them earlier.

Information from Ca PTA’s Toolkit regarding Historian Reports

Download Council Historian Report Form

Download Unit Historian Report Form

This is a super easy report, one that I’m sure most of you are aware of. Simply fill in the basic unit/council information, along with your total number of volunteer hours for all of the units within your council…..or for those out-of-council units, provide the total hours for your unit. Have the president sign the form and then send me a copy.

The hardest part of this report is tracking your volunteer hours during the school year:

When determining what to include in your volunteer hours, it’s pretty much everything! Time that board members, chairmen and volunteers spend planning, discussing, attending meetings, training, traveling, shopping, making phone calls, doing computer/paperwork, stuffing envelopes, doing set-up, clean-up and helping at events or in the classrooms. Like I said, pretty much everything. The hours reported are for the entire school year, so don’t forget to estimate and add additional hours so that the total hours reported will take you through to June 30th.

Out-of-Council Unit Historians – you’ll complete the Annual Unit Historian Report and then forward it directly to me.

Lompoc, Santa Barbara and Santa Maria Council Historians – you’ll collect reports from all your units and complete the Annual Council Historian Report. Attach one copy of each unit’s submitted report to your council report, then forward them to me. If you haven’t already been in contact with your unit historians/presidents, be sure to contact them regarding this upcoming report. Provide them with a deadline, one that will give you plenty of time so you’ll be able to turn in your own report.

Please be sure to send me your report no later than May 15th. You can either send a hard copy to 1368 Via Alta, Santa Maria, 93455, or email it to clapham805@aol.com

If you have questions, need help, or are having some challenges getting reports from all of your units, please let me know and I’ll be happy to assist or share some things that, as a council historian, have worked for me over the years. As always, thank you for ALL that you do for the kids and families at your school. You truly make a positive impact, and provide an important and valuable role in our communities.

Cynthia Lapham
15th District PTA